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Hey, is this community alive? o.o
The rules are pretty vague, so I don't know what is allowed and what not XD' So sorry if I break rules.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce myself and maybe even make friends. I love making friends <3

I'm Conchi and most of my days goes to either writing or drawing comic-related things. I draw in many styles, ranging from cartoon&manga to semirealism~

I have a manga under process at the moment, (alongside with one other comic project, I tend to multitask...) My plan for it is 3 volumes that cover certain themes that I think that needs to be "said" about. I have overall storylines for vol.1 and vol.2 planned out, and I'm at the moment in the writing process for the volume 1. I'm slow, and not that skilled, but I try my best.

I won't go into details about them now since they're in such an early stages... But questions are welcome =v= Also I'm always looking for friends, so, let me know if I can add you =v=

Oh yeah, I'm more artist than writer (even though I try write my own projects...) so I might throws some art here aswell, as I suppose it is allowed(?) ('> ' ;;)

<small>and sorry for possible grammatical errors, I try to write correct, but english isn't my language, so sorry D:
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