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WIP, crit please?

If this is not allowed, I'm sorry.

This one is a picture of two of the characters from my failed NaNoWriMo project. I felt like drawing their outfits in this scene (even though I haven't written that scene yet). The thing he's holding is some kind of instrument. It's not supposed to look like a real instrument, but more like some type of traditional thing form a society in another world. I may put in a slight background later... but for not I'd like some crit on what I have so far before I ink that.

I don't know how I thought of this idea. It's Princess Tutu characters in Code Geass school uniforms. The whole uniform switching thing has probably been done a hundred times before. I think I just wanted to see Fakir in that uniform.

I think Duck's tie looks kind of small. The girl in the background and the guy with her who I barely even started drawing will hopefully end up as Rue and Mytho...

Anyway, I'd like crit on that one too.


I'm sorry if posting WIPs for critique is against the rules... I'm also sorry if I messed up the cuts... I still haven't really gotten good at using those.
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